7 Quick takes In Pictures


My mother's day flowers. I am such a sucker for bright colors.

My mother’s day flowers. I am such a sucker for bright colors.


Reading books on MyOn

Reading books on MyOn


Michael sleep


Graduation-and-neighborhood-garage-sale morning dawns with this spectacle....

Graduation-and-neighborhood-garage-sale morning dawns with this spectacle….

N grad 015

A hot air balloon launch directly north of our upstairs front window


What would you call this? A water gun? Au contraire...

What would you call this? A water gun? Au contraire…

Really? Just because you call it a "squirter" doesn't mean anyone in the entire universe is going to see it as anything other than a gun. Seriously, people.

Really? Just because you call it a “squirter” doesn’t mean anyone in the entire universe is going to see it as anything other than a gun. Seriously, people.


Nicholas' preschool graduation

Nicholas’ preschool graduation. He always poses like that, with at least one hand on his hip.

I'm going to pull this picture out when he graduates high school. He's already got the look. Now he just needs the years.

I’m going to pull this picture out when he graduates high school. He’s already got the look. Now he just needs the years.


And this one speaks for itself:

running note7 quick takes sm1  7 Quick Takes about spicy ebooks, awesome Twitter bios, getting foot jacked (and other reasons why its not going by so fast)

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Piggyback Rides

Piggyback 1

Piggyback 2

Piggyback 3

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What I Did This Weekend

(Which is why I had to push so hard late last week, so I’d be ready to drop it all and go…)

Wkd Away 029 small

“Date night for couples: French Bistro.” We were in charge of preparing (most of) the salads.

Wkd Away 050 small

And we learned a lot about how to get a steak to cook properly (hint: hot pan!). And who doesn’t like flaming cognac?

Wkd Away 114 small

Sunday morning, we went to church here:

Wkd Away 127 small

(How’s that for a sense of scale?)


There was a reeeeeeally annoying 1/4-second delay with a tinny buzz in the sound coming from some side speaker in this gartantuan basilica…at least, that’s what I thought it was, and I was composing a “you might want to know” email to the staff in my mind and wondering if that would be presumptuous, even if I do have a music/liturgy background, when I realized what I was hearing was the bleed-through from the extremely old man sitting next to us, who had his audio aid turned up too loud. After that, I was able to tune it out.

After Mass we walked around a bit and I took a spin through the gift shop. Look what I found on display!

My book

Then it was bikes in the park and Star Trek: Into Darkness on the way home. (Loving what they’re doing with those characters.)

While the kids stayed home with grandparents and did this…
kids at playgroundAnd this….

Wkd Away 355 smallAnd relaxation was had by all. Except the grandparents, probably. :) But you can’t begin to imagine the noise level and chaos when we arrived home last night to this:


And now it’s time to go plant those irises sitting beside the door…they’ve been there for over a week as it rained and rained and rained and rained and…well, most of you have been through it too. :/

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Wordless Wednesday: leaf time


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Help Us Choose Michael’s Six-Month Portraits!

Let’s talk kids’ portraits today, because after yesterday we need a change of focus. Right?

Show of hands: do you love or loathe going to get your kids’ pictures taken? I loved it for a while, but the process got frustrating–policies and procedures in those department store studios are a pain in the neck, and after Julianna passed beyond the baby stage, it got very difficult to get good pictures of her. They would never snap the picture at the right time. I wanted to grab the clicker out of their hands. Plus, I want outdoor pictures.

So we started borrowing a DSLR and taking our own portraits, and after a couple years’ worth of product research (and a whole lot of saving), we bought one . (It’s a Canon Rebel T3i, in case you’re wondering. Love it. Love.It.)

Michael’s six months old now, and I snapped about two hundred shots on Saturday. And today I would like you to help us choose his official portrait. So (are you bracing yourself for some serious cuteness?):

Exhibit A: Just before he decided to eat grass


Exhibit B: Swimming and Smiling on the Kitchen Floor


Exhibit C: Lovin’ the Picnic Blanket

So, now you vote. (Won’t you? Pretty please?)

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Spring Makes Me Happy

The smells, fruity and heavy and spicy, and the colors–oh, the colors after the rains have passed through, when everything seems sharper, like the difference between an old point-and-shoot and a brand new DSLR.



And my favorite blossom of all:

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Special Exposure: Pixie and Pixie

Look who got a big girl bed this weekend!

It was quite the adventure, involving two trips to the store (we thought we had a mattress in the closet, so we bought a box spring. And upon assembly, discovered we were remembering backward) and throwing it together after bath, before bed. Julianna was so excited. “De-beh!” she shrieked, pounding Tink with one finger, and with a little repetition, we got as close as “Tee-beh”.

It was the first time in, uh, her LIFE, that we didn’t have to come in and put her covers back on her during the night. And now, coming into that room just makes me happy.

She even consented to share with Alex…briefly.

 Speaking of Alex…today is his 7th birthday! How many happy birthdays can we get in the combox for him? :) :) :)

special needs wordless wednesday

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A Photo Day

Today is the first day of Triduum, and I am beginning to wind down blogging toward the holiest days of the year. Palm Sunday was supposed to be a crazy-busy day, with me traveling to observe an NFP class in the afternoon and attending a novels group meeting in the evening. It turned out both got canceled, and thrilled with the unexpected ability to be spontaneous, I said, “Let’s have a picnic and a hike!” (Disclosure: I use the word “hike” loosely. We do have four little kids.)

I begin with a picture of me, because it’s the only one that got taken. The photographer has to work to make sure she appears in the family photo album occasionally. :)

I love this next picture. Christian and I had engagement pictures taken on this bridge, from this angle.

Generally when we come to the state park, it’s in the winter. Don’t ask me why. I don’t think I’ve ever been there with the wildflowers in bloom. It was so beautiful. I have better pictures of the wildflowers, but I love the tree in this one.

Heading toward the rock bridge…I’m not sure if Julianna  found the view or the climb most inspiring. :)

A couple of closeups I love: Christian reading an interpretive sign to Alex (gotta love a guy wearing a Snugli)…

…and how can you resist this adorable face? (So–does he look like mommy or like daddy? People can’t decide.)

The back side of the rock bridge:

 Nicholas wasn’t feeling very photogenic that day, but he gets so many pictures taken of him, I’m not going to feel guilty that I didn’t manage to get a closeup of him to share this one time.

It was a perfect way to start off Holy Week…as a family.

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In The Background

There are too many pictures on my computer. Digital photography has absolved us from wasted money and resources. So now we’re profligate with our picture-taking, knowing we can delete whatever isn’t worth keeping.

Except we don’t. At least, I don’t. I can’t bear to part with them. For instance:

Last night I set out to cull the photos of Michael’s baptism. At first blush, I thought it would be easy: there were eight to ten pictures of every part of the ritual, and a couple dozen of our family. But as my finger paused above the “delete” key, my breath caught. Not at the foreground. At what was happening in the background.

There was this one: my godfather kissing my little sister’s forehead.

And this one, in which Alex’s expression as he holds his cousin’s hand is absolutely priceless:

Sometimes the surprise is in the action, but off-center, and not what you were taking a picture of, like this absolutely adorable moment between Christian and Julianna:

Sometimes the person behind the camera (my cousin Becky, in this case) realizes what’s going on and actually focuses in on it:

The camera captures something pretty profound in these pictures: while we’re distracted paying attention to the main stage, there’s a beautiful, complex world of other relationships playing out in the background, spinning threads that weave us all together and give depth to a world that will always, no matter how old and jaded and crusty we get, be able to surprise us.

(Linked to Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus)

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A Test For My Readers

So here’s the test, to see if my boys really do all look alike, or if they can be distinguished in their baby pictures. Are you ready? Leave me a comment and tell me which one you think is Alex, which one is Nicholas, and which one is Michael. And tomorrow I’ll leave you the answers. ;)




Well, what do you say? Willing to take a stab at it?

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