A good week

It’s been a good week.

We listed the house, sold the house, found a new house we wanted, talked to the bank, and are getting ready to put in an offer. I received the galleys for “Beggar’s Queen,” an email asking to write an article for a magazine, and a letter asking to submit hymn texts. Alex had his second birthday and made good progress on the toilet. Julianna started paying attention to toys at midline. A good week.

Today I went to critique group. I’m surprised by how much I have come to value this group of women. They could not be more different from me. We could not see the world from more opposite points of view, in many cases. Yet there is respect and goodwill, and I am discovering from them that in spite of our different world views, we agree more than we disagree.

Perhaps that is a hopeful sign for the state of the world.