8 things you never knew about me

I’ve been tagged by Michelle Chambers to tell you 8 things about me you never knew before. (Check out Michlle at miwi-carpediem.blogspot.com!)

So, here goes:

1. I teach Natural Family Planning.

2. I am the only scrapbooker I know who is caught up with her pictures.

3. I actually enjoy action movies. And superhero movies.

4. I have played my flute on Circular Quay across from the Sydney Opera House.

5. My grandparents know Madonna’s parents.

6. I have 34 first cousins, and we actually visit each other fairly regularly.

7. I can drive a tractor and back up a livestock trailer. I worked for my dad as a farmhand for two summers in college. Best summers I ever spent.

8. It’s hard to come up with 8 things you never knew about me, because I tell everyone everything about me all the time.

I’m supposed to tag 8 people, but I don’t think I know 8 people with blogs, so I tag: Cecelia Sander!