Random musings

You wouldn’t know I have “so much to say” based on the frequency of my blog posts, would you?

The trouble with a blog is that many of the things on my mind I can’t talk about in public. Or, at least, it would be a bad idea to talk about in public. People I’d like to rake over the coals for things they’ve done…the details of other people’s private lives, which I have no business spreading…you know, things like that.

That’s the kind of stuff on my mind lately. But since I’m bored at the moment, why not wander a bit?

My weight is up. I had returned to my prepregnancy weight on the 20th of December, when we had Shakespeare’s pizza with friends from Ohio, and after that night I’ve never recovered.

I say that because I’m hungry right now, at 3:30 p.m.

I’ve been having intermittent trouble sleeping again lately. I finally decided that there is no shame in taking something to help you sleep, as long as you don’t get dependent on it. So I’ll allow myself a sleep aid a maximum of every other day.

That’s on my mind because we rearranged our bedroom last night and I had trouble sleeping, facing a different direction. Oddly enough I don’t feel too tired today, though.

We spent the entire month of December painting our living room red. Then we ran out of money, and we still don’t have curtains.

I say that because from my chair at the computer, I’m staring at a very bare window. I hate Venetian blinds. Who the heck came up with those things, anyway? They’re cheap, they break, they’re impossible to clean, they don’t block the light… I just don’t get it. Christian said to me once, “Well, I grew up with wood blinds. How do you feel about wood?”

“You still have to clean them!” I told him.

I tried cleaning them a while back. I got all ambitious. It lasted through two windows. (Our house has 9.)

Then there’s writing stuff on my mind. My flute collection is already available at http://www.giamusic.com, and they told me it’s going to be featured (I think that’s what they said, anyway) in the catalog which should be arriving very soon. “Go In Peace,” which is a song for congregation and contemporary ensemble, is at the printer’s. WLP will be sending that out in some mailing soon, too. And also with WLP I’m in the editing process with my second song, “I Rejoice.”

All three of these, by the way, were accepted for publication before Alex was six months old. Now he’s nearly three, and I have another child, almost a year old. It boggled my mind to think the publishing process was so long–but now I know what to expect!

I think I’m headed for music writing for a while. It goes in spurts. I do prose for a while, then I get excited about music for a while, sometimes I juggle both…but I don’t have that much time. And as much as I want to be writing, it has to take third place in my priorities–#s 1 and 2 are permanently occupied by husband and kids. (Well, for the next 20 years, anyway. After that writing may move up a notch.)

I’m going through this discontent with my new novel, which seems suddenly unimportant and boring to me. I had a great idea for a new novel, which occupied all my spare waking thought and then some for about a week. But once I got it hashed out on computer file, and I discovered what researching I have to do to figure out the gaps…well, let’s just say that hours of research are hard to come by. I can write in 1-hour pockets. Research is more a whole day at the library, which I don’t have anymore. So until the docket clears a little bit–till I get a few other projects out of the way–I think it’s going to have to sit and simmer. The novel is still quite undeveloped, anyway. I think it could benefit from several months’ stewing.

And oh yes, there’s the Cardinal coming to celebrate school Mass with us at Columbia Catholic. I’ve done Masses with the Bishop before, but a Cardinal…well, that’s a new one. I won’t pretend that I’m not a little uncomfortable. You can imagine the kind of chaos we’re undergoing at work, trying to have ourselves ready for that. 🙂

And it wouldn’t be right not to mention Christian’s Uncle Bob, who passed away last night. Uncle Bob went by “Rock.” Take a moment and construct an image of a man who geos by “Rock.” Now, throw your assumptions out the window. His demeanor was as opposite that as it could be. Well, almost as opposite. He was a little man, really, thin and quiet and gentle, very emotional, at least, that was my limited experience of him. He sent turkey joints to the Basi family every Christmas. Turkey Joints are a staple of Christmas tradition in my husband’s family–so much so that they forget how weird it is to say, “Here, have a turkey joint!” Then people recoil and say, “WHAT????”

I do it now, too, despite having had the normal “What the….” reaction my first time. It took me 2 or 3 years to try one, but now I enjoy them. To those who don’t know turkey joints, just Google it.

Uncle Bob, Christian’s godfather, sent wonderfully sentimental cards in which he underlined every single word, and the important ones two or three times. What a good guy. He will be missed.