Those moments

And then there are those moments when you shake your head in awe at the miniature people who fill your days with diapers, feedings and playtime.

The thing I love best about children is the way they laugh just because they’re happy. Just because we’re going to the park, or they like the food placed in front of them, or (in Julianna’s case) because Mommy looked at her and smiled.

And I love the way that Alex claps his hands and says, “yay yay yay yay yay!” wiggling his bottom and his legs with excitement because I told him the phone call was from Daddy, who said he’s landed in Chicago, which means he’s halfway home.

“Did *we* ride two yearpanes” (that would be “airplanes”) “in the ‘ky, to New York?” Yes, we did, little man. Just a couple of months ago. Another giggle-wiggle: “I LOOOVE New York!”

But at the end of three days without Christian, I am filled with great sympathy and respect for single parents. I really don’t know how they do it.

What do you know. Two blogs in one day.