Rejoicing and Rejection

Part A: Rejoicing

Yesterday as the kids were playing in the living room, Alex suddenly shrieked, “Mommy! Mommy! Juweenanna just sat up ALL BY HERSELF!”

Later in the day, I witnessed it myself. And when I put her to bed for the night, she woke up and began howling with predictable outrage. When I came in to comfort her a few minutes later, she was sitting up in her crib, absolutely furious. And this morning Christian went in to get her up and found her sitting up, too.

We have decided to set very narrow goals, and to hit them one at a time. Transition to sitting was the first. It took two weeks. The next one, we have decided, is crawling. I think it’ll take longer than two weeks, though. Nonetheless, it was a very good day.

Part B: Of Rejections

Two weeks ago (more or less), I sent a story off to the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yesterday I got a short rejection letter in the mail. The editor said it “didn’t interest him.”


Christian laughed at me. Not to be mean, but just b/c he never did “get” this story. –much like 4 other people who have critiqued it. Their words, not mine. But I have faith in my story. Thus, I was kind of offended that someone had the gall to say it “didn’t interest them.” Offended, and hurt, and laughing at myself for being so. Trying to focus on the positive, which is that the rejection was very quick! How can I complain?

Marketing is the pits.

And I don’t feel like writing anymore today. I feel like scrapbooking. So I think I will.