Stand Up!

The experts say you burn 1/3 more calories standing than sitting. Do you remember hearing that you should do your computer work standing? Well, I’m trying it today. And I do feel less like a lump of lard. Although I must admit, it’s a little hard on the hands, especially if you have to bend at the waist to reach the keyboard. However, I’m all about increasing my activity level in any way possible these days. This is because about three weeks ago, without warning—without any change in diet or exercise habits—I suddenly gained three pounds. Since none of my usual methods seem to be pulling them back off, I’m forced to conclude that I have passed a metabolic milestone. So here I am, blogging standing up.


Today I “finished” two projects: my assigned article and a request for experts on parenting options and family finance. “Finished” belongs in quotes because I still have to copy and scan artwork for the assignment, not to mention send it, and the query is only step one in beginning an article. Nonetheless, I’m able to cross off something that has been on my to-do list for several weeks.


And that always makes it a good day.


Reward? Take the kids to the library. (Ice cream would be a better reward, but that brings us back to paragraph #1.)