Broken Glasses

Three weeks ago, or thereabouts, Julianna got glasses. “Oh, she’ll take them off all the time,” people warned me. I shrugged, because she doesn’t have very good fine motor skills, especially for things on her face. I figured we’d be okay for a while, till she figured out how to get them off.


Uh, yeah. Five minutes. As in, before we got out of the optometrist’s office.


Two weeks ago, she threw them on the floor of the van, and Alex stepped on them in his eagerness to hug her hello after day care. They survived that one.


Last week, (Tuesday), she threw them somewhere in the van in between Panera and Lourdes (which are less than a mile away). When I finally located them, they were slung over the top of her car seat.


Last week, (Thursday), she broke the cable earpiece. And oh, then she went to town, because now it was very easy to take them off. I called the optometrist to get the piece ordered and braced for battle.


Today, I came out of the kitchen after making dinner to find the glasses lying on the living room floor with both earpieces stuck out at weird angles. Try to imagine that conversation with the optometrist’s office.