Yesterday I reconnected with a friend I haven’t spoken to since 8th grade. She called out of the blue, having seen Julianna’s article in the Missourian a while back, and taking a chance that it was really me. It was a little surreal to be living out one of those scenes you imagine for years. But I didn’t have time to get lost in the experience, because we were at dinner and the kids were demanding my attention.


For the rest of the evening I walked through my life in a state of hyper-awareness, feeling at every moment as though I was under observation. Alex and I went grocery shopping, along with a detour to Dairy Queen for our usual Chocolate Extreme blizzard. And as usual when I’m showing off for no one, I end up making a fool of myself.


At times like these I always think of other people from my past. Guys I liked. Girls I didn’t. Whenever I think of them, I ask God to bless them, to grant that they are happy and in a good place in their lives. Even, and perhaps especially, those I didn’t like.


When I went to bed, it was with a heightened consciousness of all that surrounds me and fills my life, from the stairway lights to the insects droning in the woods, to the way Christian gripped my hand as he went to sleep, the feel of his hair soft beneath my palm. It was the first time in quite a while that I didn’t take my life for granted. I thanked God for the wonder of Alex’s curls bobbing as I ruffle his hair, for the way Julianna snuggled on my shoulder before bed (let’s face it, when does she ever do that anymore?). For a phone call from an old friend.


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