Hulshof for Governor

I’m going to make a rare foray into the political realm today. I am speaking to those of you who live in the state of Missouri. In my life, I have been involved in politics only as far as supporting my mother’s campaigns. This year, however, I am reaching beyond my comfort zone to encourage all those I know to vote for Kenny Hulshof for governor.


I met Kenny and Renee at the same time I met Christian—that is to say, when I joined the choir at the Newman Center. Kenny had been in that group for some time before we showed up. He was singing and playing drumset. This was the fall of 1995, which was the year after his first Congressional bid, but before he actually unseated Harold Volkmer. Renee hosted a bridal shower for us when we got married, and Kenny played and sang with the choir at our wedding.


None of this, of course, is a reason for anyone other than me to vote for him. What is a reason is this: Kenny is, without question, one of the most honest, genuinely good men I have ever met. He doesn’t waste time posturing. He listens to people and enters into respectful dialogue. He looks for the good in people, even in his opponents, and he genuinely respects all people, even those he disagrees with.


Issues are important, and I agree with many, though not all, of Kenny’s positions. But more important in this hateful political climate is that we elect people of integrity, of humility, people who enter public service to serve, not to gain power. And this I can say with certainty: if we had a government full of people like Kenny Hulshof, America would be a much better place.