In the mirror

About a week ago, I noticed some chocolate on Alex’s face. Nothing unusual in that, but when I made a halfhearted swipe at it, a couple of the spots didn’t come off. I let it go till the next bath, and then I went to work on it for as long as Alex would allow. He doesn’t like his face being wet, so he didn’t allow it for very long.


So it was this morning before I finally got him into the light and got a good look at those chocolate spots on the left side of his face. And I realized that they’re not chocolate at all. He has developed two little tiny pinprick moles, and they are in almost the same place as the two (not so pinprick-sized) moles on my face.


I am so familiar with my own face, and Christian’s, that it’s hard for me to say that either of my children look like either one of us. People always say that Alex is the spitting image of his daddy. I think Alex looks like my family, although the likeness between him and his cousin Bart Anthony Basi at the same age is nothing short of uncanny. It’s always easier for non-family members to identify those similarities in features. To me, Alex is Alex, and that’s that.


But to see one of my most prominent features mirrored in the face of my son…that’s quite a moment, for a mother.