A non-anniversary


Thirteen years ago tonight, Christian and I went on our first date. It was a cold, clear night, and he picked me up from Sears, where I was closing the lingerie department. Unlike the other guys who had expressed interest in me since I became “available,” Christian showed no discomfort in meeting me among the old lady bras. He took it all in stride.


I didn’t know how to dress that night—I didn’t want to overdress, in case he came casual, or under-dress, and risk looking like I didn’t care…because I did. Two weeks after meeting him I was already crazy about him. I said a few days ago that I was socially inept in high school. I wasn’t much better by my fourth year of college. And I had only once been out on a date with a guy I liked. That one didn’t end well. This time, the stakes were higher: he was the piano player for the choir, someone I was going to see regularly, someone who shared my faith, and thus a better potential lifelong companion.


Plus, I just knew he was special.


In the end, I wore the worst outfit I owned, because it was the only one I had that split the difference. But he didn’t seem to mind. We had sautéed mushrooms at the Cornerstone Café and then drove to Jeff City and wandered around the Capitol, returning to the Sears parking lot sometime well past midnight, if I remember right. Hours that neither of us would begin to consider keeping these days. But he was leaving on a business trip in the morning, and we were both impatient to start…whatever we were starting.


What we started was a very bumpy courtship, plagued by emotional hang-ups and mutual terror of making bad choices. At first, I had to carry him. Then, he had to carry me. For a really long time. For several years.


And yet here we are. And today, what is on our mind is somewhat different:


Top 10 girl names       Top 10 boy names       
Sophia                      1. Aiden       
Isabella                     2. Ethan       
Emma                       3. Jacob       
Madison                   4. Jayden      
Ava                          5. Caden       
Addison                    6. Noah
7. Hailey                       7. Jackson     
Emily                        8. Jack
9. Kaitlyn                      9. Logan       
Olivia                     10. Matthew


The above list is courtesy of BabyCenter.com. And those twenty names, therefore, will be nowhere on the birth certificate next March. 🙂


Alex says the baby’s name should be “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Only, he can’t really say it, so it comes out something more like “cali-fragi-espee-docious.” (BTW, Christian put this one in his little brain. Way to go, babe.)


Happy thirteenth (non) anniversary!

One thought on “A non-anniversary

  1. Molly

    The anti-top 10 list is the same way we chose names! Josie’s first request for Norah was Vixen (it was “Rudolph” season)– I almost drove off the road with that idea. Not long after that it was Rachel (as in Ray) and Giada… she was big on the food network. I digress.

    Happy 13th non-anniversary! These are good moments to celebrate in a crazy world. Sounds like lots of good memories! Enjoy them as you continue to make new ones!

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