Election Day Funnies

I’m a little late sharing these two gems, but better late than never.


The first comes from my sister Tamara. This was the email we got on Election night:


We took Noah with us to the polls first thing this morning so he
could watch us vote. I just put him to bed, and he is positively
heartbroken that McCain is losing the presidential race. He’s
weeping over it in bed. When I asked him what he liked about
John McCain, he said, “ like the way he dresses.."
Okay. . . so maybe we have  a bit more work to do.  I’m not sure
whether to laugh or cry.


I told her I thought it was pretty darned funny!


Yesterday morning we had Good Morning America on. Of course, they were talking about nothing but the election. Alex, who usually pays little to no attention to the news, was actually interested. For several weeks, I’ve been trying to explain to him the concept of elections. Since his Grandma Sander was up for re-election, I could point to her signs in Moberly and talk about where she worked, and how the people had to vote for her. I don’t really think he got it, but at any rate, yesterday morning he stood by me for a minute while I was explaining to him that the man on the screen was our new president. Then he says, “Mommy, sometime can we go to Barack Obama?”


Sure, Alex. Just like we can go to Bonkers or Chuck E Cheese’s. No problem, kiddo. J