One Thousand Gifts


A week or so ago, when I did my tour of blogs, I came across one to add to my blogroll. Ann Voskamp keeps a blog called “A Holy Experience,” and one of her projects is the 1000 gifts. Read her post here:


This is where my list begins. And in the days to come, when I find myself getting gripey and negative, I will return to the exercise of gratitude, and post some more.


Everyday things to be thankful for:


  1. kicking up a six-inch carpet of oak leaves along ATV paths
  2. naptime
  3. a 21-month-old snuggling down with absolute trust in your arms
  4. having so much to give that you never lack for ways to exercise creativity
  5. NEO
  6. cousins who are willing to share their woods
  7. friends w/whom you can pick up where you left off, even after a long absence
  8. living parents
  9. living grandmothers who get to know their great-grandchildren
  10. porch swings
  11. a little tumble-kin swimming laps and stretching around the obstacle course inside my abdomen
  12. the joy of giving joy to someone else—especially a child
  13. a fiscally responsible husband, who ensures that recession is nothing more than an inconvenience
  14. the smell of dead leaves
  15. sight
  16. always having another goal to reach
  17. an extra-good choir rehearsal
  18. sunlight breaking all along the crest of the hill beyond the creek bed
  19. sitting in the woods in mid-November
  20. the love of a man who stands by me, even when I don’t deserve it
  21. the love of a man for whom forever is not negotiable
  22. turkey dressing
  23. kisses from preschoolers and toddlers
  24. the dawn of language comprehension
  25. divine inspiration