What a morning!

First thing this morning, I found a rejection in my inbox. A gentle reminder from the cosmos that confidence in submitting is probably misplaced. I had good reason to expect this one to be accepted, and I went downstairs to play with the kids with my stomach and brain all in a dither.


Two hours later, I got a call from the Gastro-intestinal clinic at the university. They finally had results from the blood work they did on Julianna several weeks ago. Without going into all the gory details, we went to see them because of digestive issues, and the GI specialist wanted to test for celiac disease, because it is more common in kids with DS.


The bottom line is that one of the numbers is low, even though it’s within normal parameters, and they want to do an endoscopy and take a tissue sample from her small intestine, which will give us an up-or-down diagnosis.




Endoscopy is an inconvenience, but preparing for it is really no big deal—it’s just like me, when I go to have my C sections. Nothing to eat or drink past midnight. The real concern is what we find out. We are a very, very, VERY bread-y, pasta-y family. Not at all looking forward to the prospect of cutting gluten from Julianna’s diet!


The original symptoms have faded, but it’s better to go through the procedure and get a negative (please God!) than risk long-term damage to her small intestine.




Nap time. Work time.