New Year’s

As of today, we have officially made it one calendar year with NO HOSPITALIZATIONS!


2009 began at midnight for me, when the fireworks downtown woke me up briefly. And continued at 3a.m., when Julianna woke me up whining. An hour and a half later I was asleep again (finally). At 5:45 she woke up again. We gave up and brought her to bed with us.


There are worse ways to begin a new year than cuddling with a little girl. Especially one whose skin is as soft and perfect as Julianna’s.


Today is about catching up from too many trips, putting the kids through post-holiday detox, and cleaning the house. And clearing my NEO, on which I have a post waiting to be published, dealing with writing. But somehow, it doesn’t seem like the right post for New Year’s Day. I should share my New Year’s resolution…but much of what goes into that is not for public consumption. I’m an emotional exhibitionist, but not THAT much.


This will be a year of change. 365 days from now, I’ll have a nine-month-old again. Me, with three children! Hard to believe. Alex will either be in preschool or preparing to enter—as will Julianna.


But my year begins with music spinning in my head, a huge book project keeping me awake at night, and a novel that I vowed to finish before Baby’s arrival, which is now less than 3 months away. So however it goes, 2009 will be an exciting year. And I’d better get busy!