I don’t understand….


I don’t understand Madonna. Several decades ago, when my grandparents lived in Detroit, they were friends with the Ciccone family. Knowing my grandfather, I feel sure that their family had to be fairly similar to his, in terms of behavioral expectations, habits and so on. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have associated with them. What I don’t understand is, if Madonna’s dad was AT ALL like my grandpa, how can/could she say and do some of the things she does/did, and still look her dad in the eye?


I don’t understand Aretha. The worst singer in the world doesn’t need a breath after “My coun…” And WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT BOW???? Surely even Aretha has someone who’s honest with her and said, “Honey, that thing looks RIDICULOUS.”


I don’t understand SUVs. Why would you choose to drive a top-heavy, clunky thing that gets horrible gas mileage and seats 5 people when you could drive a van, which maneuvers like a car, has better gas mileage, seats 7 and costs quite a bit less?


I don’t understand why anyone would actually buy any pharmaceutical drugs, after seeing the ads on TV—you know, the ones where the list of side effects, including DEATH, takes 2/3 of the commercial?


I don’t understand how anyone can be a Democrat.


I don’t understand how anyone can be a Republican.


I don’t understand how people can turn off their intelligence and reason entirely, and accept the redefinition of “conception” to mean “implantation” for the sake of avoiding inconvenient truths.


I don’t understand why the entire country has been slammed with precip this winter, except in Columbia, Missouri.


I don’t understand how I can lie awake for two and a half hours in the middle of the night, when my whole body is crying out for sleep.


I don’t understand how it is possible that Christian taking my hand is enough to put me to sleep almost instantaneously, after lying awake for two and a half hours. (Not that I’m complaining. What a guy I married!)

2 thoughts on “I don’t understand….

  1. Sarah

    We haven’t had any rain or snow here in the panhandle of Texas either… I’m glad you finally got to sleep, sleep is sometimes near impossible when you are pregnant.

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