New Bed!


Well, we’ve officially begun the process of Getting Ready For Baby. Julianna vacated the crib last night, and spent her first night on a mattress on the floor.

It went much better than we feared…it took a while for her to get to sleep, but she didn’t go wandering around her room. Of course, we moved all the stuffed animals and books into the crib, so she didn’t have much to tempt her, but nonetheless.

This morning Alex got up and peeked in on her. “Mommy, Julianna’s awake,” he called, and then came downstairs. She was unusually quiet, but I was too busy making apple muffins to go check on her, and Christian was working on taxes. After about ten minutes we heard a very cute, high-pitched coo that was too loud to be coming from her room. Alex ran over to the base of the stairs and looked up. Then he started giggling, and so did we.

Isn’t it wonderful that a child can make you laugh just by getting out of bed on her own?

2 thoughts on “New Bed!

  1. Holly

    Hey Kate,

    Since you sent the email update I have been glued to your blog. Your writing is beautiful. I, too, will miss Gene. What a blessing he was to you and Christian. Thanks for sharing his letter.


    • ckbasi

      Thanks, Holly! 🙂 My sister tells me I am a Hemingway (IOW, I write and write and write and write…)

      Guilty as charged, though I’m trying to keep the entries shorter LOL.

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