3 Generations of Super-Basi men

I gew up on princesses, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Who would have ever thought my life would be surrounded by Supermen?

Superman is the concerto by which Alex wakes up, keeps himself up at nap time, and transports himself around the house.

Superman is the favorite plush toy of both children.

Superman is the favorite outfit…worn, on average, 4 days out of 7.

Superman is the favorite pick for watching on “long movie days.”

Superman is the standard by which behavior is measured.

Superman is the vehicle by which any object gets transported from Point A to Point B.

Superman is the motivation to suck it up when something hurts.

Superman is who Alex wants to be when he grows up. And he really thinks he will be. Literally.

And I suppose, for an almost-4-year-old, there are worse goals to which he could aspire.

2 thoughts on “Superman

  1. Anna Wanamaker

    What a WONDERFUL picture. Three generations of Basi SUPERMEN !!! I have been peeking at your Blog ever since your invitaion in your Christmas card. You really inspire and delight your readers.
    BTW I am Shane’s Mother — not his wife, Anna!!! It is confusing on blogs and Facebook.
    Shane’s boys are Super heros also.
    God Bless you and your family.

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