Laying it on the line

Funny how these things snowball… A couple of months ago we were at the history museum in Forest Park when I heard, “Kate?” I turned around and who should I see but one of my college friends, with whom I’d completely lost contact. We exchanged email addresses and then she passed mine on to my college roommate (also long out of contact), who invited me to join Facebook.

For two weeks I did nothing but answer friend requests on Facebook. What, I wondered, have I gotten myself into? I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!! Then,  much to my relief, it calmed down. 🙂 But today I decided, on a whim, to do a search for high school classmates. And what do you know, there were three pages of them: People I’ve wondered about for years, people I liked, people I didn’t get along with so well, people I barely remembered.

I sent out a bunch of friend invites. Cringing, wondering what these people remember about me…wondering if they’re going to roll their eyes and say, “Oh, puh-leeze, I don’t want any kind of contact with HER!” (Clearly, adolescent insecurity only takes a vacation; it doesn’t go away altogether!)

Well, we shall see. But I’m really grateful (aha! Today’s Gratitude list!) for these forums for reconnecting. I missed both my 5 and 10 year reunions because of weddings, and I thought I was going to have to wait till the 25 year to find out anything at all.


Today’s a busy day, so I probably won’t get anything more posted, though I have a list of four to write…and actually, tomorrow is another St. Louis day…so let me just add that tonight is our last Mommy-Alex date before Baby (3 weeks, 2 days…but who’s counting?). We are going to see STOMP, which I have wanted to see for years. I’m very excited.