Why I Write


I write because the words burn inside of me and keep me awake at night.


I write to understand, to process, to learn.


I write because songs and hymn texts can move a person to tears.


I write to remember the things that pass away all too quickly.


I write so that my children and grandchildren and heirs I will never meet will understand where they came from.


I write because words set me on fire.


I write because the written word can change someone’s life.


I write to inspire, to encourage, to motivate others who might be facing some of the same things I have.


I write because by baring my soul, I might be able to help someone else.


I write because there are people out there just like me before Julianna came, who know nothing about Down syndrome and are terrified of it. I write to reach them, teach them, and make the world a more welcoming place for my daughter and others like her.


I write because the gift was given, and the gift demands a response.


I write because I have something to say.


I write to praise, thank, and implore the God I can’t see, and sometimes to question.


I write because I love it.


I write to change the world…even a little.


I write because I have to.

5 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Christina

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful — and true and honest. What a great way to start my Tuesday morning.

    KEEP WRITING, Kate! You are making a difference on many levels!

  2. Anne M.

    I am grateful to have found you, a kindred spirit and soul sister. Thanks. You’ve moved me one step closer to giving this a try. That makes you part of my journey.

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