Just a quickie

These days, it’s all I can do to take care of the basics. Having a newborn has cured me of wasting time checking email and stats a dozen times a day; I have to push to get email checked after the kids go to bed at night! Yesterday morning, I started my post on nursing at 6:15 a.m.; at 8:40 p.m. I gave up and decided it will have to age a bit before I get it posted. Ah well, this too shall pass.


Yesterday morning we had three therapies. I spent the first two working with the boys, nursing, playing. Alex and I were playing with his pirate ship in the basement, and he pulled out a little space shuttle toy that his swim teacher brought back from Cape Canaveral a few months ago. This reminded me that Alex had never seen his uncle Roman’s video of the Discovery launch, so we came upstairs to pull it up on Facebook.


Julianna was sitting in the living room with her speech therapist, and as I breezed past her on the way to the computer, she said, “Muh-muh.” I did a double take, and so did her therapist. “She hasn’t vocalized a thing all morning!” Chris said.


Now, did she mean it? Who knows? Gerti would say give her credit for it. I tend to be a little more pragmatic. But either way, it was a great moment. You just can’t help getting a little sniffly inside when your baby first names you…or appears to.


And this morning, Julianna crawled into our bedroom to visit Nicholas, whom I had laid on the floor while I made the bed. She patted and batted and pointed at him a few times while he stared at her as if she was very interesting. Then she wiggled around and laid down on the floor beside him and stared into his eyes, as if she was trying to get down to his level. I didn’t have the camera. L


I did, however, have the camera three nights ago, so I can share this gem:

Ooooh, baby!
Ooooh, baby!