Isn’t it odd that Nicholas can’t sleep upstairs in a crib, but conks out immediately when put in a bouncy seat surrounded by screaming and shouting 4- and 2-year-olds who frequently come and pull on his legs, arms, or smack his tummy?


Isn’t it odd that Alex began by being unbelievably rough with Julianna, when she was a newborn and he was 21 months old…and these days he continues to be unbelievably rough with Julianna (and us, and the furniture, and the toys, and…), yet impossibly tender and gentle with his baby brother?


Isn’t it odd how cultural expectations for boys—roughness, shouting, etc.—just don’t apply in babyhood?


Isn’t it odd, how everyone sees family resemblances that mother, father and siblings think are totally random? …for instance, nearly everyone says Alex is the spitting image of his daddy, which I think is very weird since he resembles the German side of the family far more than the Italian one (though he and Bart Anthony do look alike in baby and little kid pictures, I’ll admit). And absolutely everyone says Nicholas is the spitting image of Alex, even though their noses, the shape of their eyes, and their skin tones are markedly different.



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