Field Trip

We’re up late tonight waiting for the first of our weekend guests to arrive… (and incidentally, still cleaning–the house has become truly horrible in the last five weeks)…so I thought I’d just post some pictures from our visit to Jeff City on Wednesday. We went to see Grandma Sander at the Capitol. Not our most successful Capitol visit ever, but Alex was thrilled to go through the museum and see the Civil War cannon and all the sabres and guns. And it was a gorgeous day. The kids and I had a lovely time sitting on the wall overlooking the river.


Alex and Julianna at the state Capitol, Jefferson City. We never manage to get to JC when the fountains are running. Someday I’d really like to see them with water in them!

We enjoyed the tulips, the dogwoods and the beautiful weather looking down over the trains and parked barges along the Missouri River…

100_3980  100_3982

And meanwhile, the newest Basi just hung out…


Later in the day, after visiting Grandma and great-uncle & aunt, we did the best thing of all. We went to Central Dairy. There’s just nothing quite like ICE CREAM!