Julianna Update — Thursday morning

Well, it’s a little after 10:30a.m., so here’s a quick update on Julianna. (This is Christian, by the way, so I apologize if the words are not as eloquent or descriptive as Kate usually writes.)
We had expected the breathing tube to come out this morning, but the amount of oxygen they have had to give her was increased early this morning, which means that the tube can’t come out just yet. The doctor is still very confident that the tube will be out today, just not as soon as he would have liked.
Her vital numbers continue to look extremely strong. Once the tube is out, there is a 4-hour “crunch” time. If her numbers continue to stay strong for four hours, they will keep her off the tube. If not, they might have to put the tube back in her.
Best case scenario at this point is that she is home by the end of the weekend.
I’m sure Kate will have more to say soon (and with much better prose), but those are the “down and dirty” details. Things are looking up.