Julianna update — an explanation to the madness


(Christian with his nightly report) I hope I can make sense with this short description. Following a suspect x-ray, one of the doctors ordered an echocardiogram, fearing some potential heart failure that may have been related to her hospitalization. Based on a preliminary report, the doctor believes that the virus responsible for the croup may also be affecting how her heart is pumping. If this is true, it would explain the roller coaster results the past 48 hours.

The good news: at this point, and keep in mind that any medical professional will qualify any statement with “at this point” (nothing is EVER set in stone), it appears that any heart problems are probably temporary. (Frankly, that’s the best scenario, so that’s what I’m going with!)

The bad news – as Kate stated before, is that Julianna is back on the bi-pap and hates it. She’s very uncomfortable, but all the nurses and doctors are doing everything they can to calm her and comfort her. But there’s only so much you can do when you have 6 monitors attached to your body from head to toe, 1 IV (With four different tubes) stuck in your neck and a mask the size of half your head strapped around your skull.

And another huge thank you to the folks who helped this weekend! From those who sat in the ICU with J, so the rest of us could spend some time together, to those who mowed our lawn (and arranged for it to happen), ran errands, provided prayers and emotional support – we owe you a great debt.

Have a peaceful evening.

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