I heard a rumor ….

… that we might get to take Julianna home …… TOMORROW (as in Friday)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s more of Christian’s nightly update:

We have moved 150 feet down the hall and are officially OUT of the Pediatric ICU and on the regular pedatric medical ward. We’re down to two monitors and one IV line that is not currently in use. Although, because it is in her jugular vein, it’s actually sewn into her neck, which is going to require a little doing to get it out (unless Julianna decides to just rip it out at some point – which is pretty much what she has done with everything else).

And my last thought for the evening – for those of you who have had an opportunity to see the latest Star Trek movie – you know the big red monster that chases Kirk on the ice planet about midway through the movie? – that’s Julianna in the morning when she wants breakfast. (Just imagine the roars a little bit louder and you get the idea.)

Looking forward to some joyful chaos at home in the near future.

Have a peaceful evening.