The Absurdity of it All

I am standing at the changing table trying to plan a visit with an old friend while changing Nicholas, who is screaming because he’s been made to wait fifteen minutes to eat, because I had the other two at the pool, where Julianna initiated the water by pooping in her diaper, which caused me to end the party even earlier than planned, and then to allow Alex to play outside while I brought Julianna inside to clean up the truly disgusting mess.

And in the middle of the conversation (did you, perchance, remember after all that, that I was on the phone?), Alex tromps up the stairs, still wet, and sniffling pathetically, because his neighbor friend hit him in the face with his toy sword. I take the opportunity to reinforce why we don’t hit people with toy swords, and he says, “B-but Mommy…it’s Tanner’s fault, because I was trying to shoot him and he hit me with his sword!”

Ah, the moments when there’s nothing to do but roll on the floor laughing out loud!