Out of the Mouths of Babes


This morning, with baby screaming and toddler whining and preschooler asking nonstop questions, the doorbell rang. Two neighbor boys stood on the door trying to sell us blackberries out of our own back yard… incidentally, Alex and I showed them the blackberry patch this very morning. I turned them down politely. Three minutes later the doorbell rang again to admit the sisters of the two brothers. They were trying to GIVE us blackberries, but they got distracted by the grapevine wreath spread out on the floor, which I was trying (vainly) to hot glue and wire flowers onto while Nicholas tried to persuade me that he had to be held all day.

One of the girls stepped into the house, glanced around the living room, kitchen, and office, and said, “Your house is a mess.”

Okay, that does it. No long philosphical blogging today. No excuses. Even if the kids do destroy it by nightfall, it’s time to straighten this  house up!

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