Baby Food


If I could live on a diet of Baby,
How much better off I’d be.
It’s a neverending source of joy:
Low-carb, and all fat-free! 

I’d break my fast with baby nose
And lunch on baby feet.
And what better mid-meal snack is there
Than chewy baby cheek?


Christian tells me this is absolutely disgusting, and people will take it the wrong way. I say every mother knows what I mean. Moms…wanna back me up on this??????

10 thoughts on “Baby Food

  1. Sarah M.

    Not disgusting at all! This Mom totally gets what you’re saying. Whenever I see a cute baby, I almost always comment that he/she is so cute I could “eat he/she with a spoon!” Loved the poem!

  2. shelley

    you just made me wanna go wake up my babies to nibble on them :o) I LOVE their feet! stinky and all…and I am NOT a foot person by any means! This momma totally gets what you are saying!

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