Thursday Motherhood Moment


Motherhood Moments

Precious moments. We’ve all had them—those moments that make your heart catch every time you remember them. No matter how often you revisit them, they never get stale or lose their power. Tender or funny, poignant or inspiring, they fortify us against toddler tantrums and pubescent (and pre-school) power struggles.

Leave a comment sharing your moment—or, if you’re feeling ambitious enough to write a whole post (or want to link from your own blog), email me and I’ll use your story as the moment of the day.


One Sunday morning when Alex was about 2 ½, we were kneeling during the Eucharistic Prayer when I heard him “reading” to himself from his Catholic Baby’s First Prayers book:

Two little eyes to look at God.
Two little ears to hear His word.
Two little lips to sing His praise.
Two little feet to walk His ways.
Two little hands to do His will.
One little heart to love Him still.

Every so often in parenting comes a moment of such beauty that your heart abruptly contracts, and joy pours out in the form of tears.


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