1. Doo-do-doo-do-doo, if I just sidle up, maybe no one will notice if I touch the flute… Doo-do-doo-do-doo, if I pretend to take a bite with a fork, they’ll quit watching me and I can attack the pasta (ice cream, eggs…) with my hands, as God intended…(Oh, she’s a sneaky one, that Julianna…except when she’s right in your face…)

2. Fork? You want me to use a fork? Fine! I’ll just shove it in your face. AAAAGHH! Help me! Help me! Can’t you see I’m STARVING here????

3. I llllove to walk. Walk, walk walk, just point me in a direction and off I’ll go, till the sidewalk ends. Or until I decide I’m going to go some other direction. Heeheehee, yes, I heard you calling, I’m ignoring you. You’re gonna get me? Hee hee hee hee! (as she topples to the ground and waits for you to catch her.)

Julianna August 09

4. I lllloooove walking behind my dolly stroller. Wait a minute, don’t you DARE put a doll in my stroller! What are you thinking, ruining the purity of my stroller?

5. I don’t talk. No, I don’t. Talking is time much better spent walking back and forth behind my dolly stroller. Wait a minute. Did you say ice cream? Okay. Mamamama! Dtha dtha dhta dtha! There, is that enough? Can I have my ice cream now? Plllllleeeeeeeezzze?????

6. Tickle? Did you say tickle? Should you tickle me? Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!

7. Who is that knockout in the mirror? Why, it’s me, of course. Pardon me while I dramatically shove my peanut-butter-and-pasta-sauce-and-ice-cream matted locks out of my face. Where’s a brushwhen you need one?


8. Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if I…push…the baby over. Ooh, he screamed! That’s interesting. Let’s try it again! Hmmm, what if I lay on top of him?….
2008-05-15 044

9. What’s that heavy white thing in the middle of the floor? Why, it’s me, you silly Daddy. Sleep is mandatory. Beds are optional.