Thursday Motherhood Moment

Motherhood Moments

Precious moments. We’ve all had them—those moments that make your heart catch every time you remember them. No matter how often you revisit them, they never get stale or lose their power. Tender or funny, poignant or inspiring, they fortify us against toddler tantrums and pubescent (and pre-school) power struggles.

Leave a comment sharing your moment—or, if you’re feeling ambitious enough to write a whole post (or want to link from your own blog), email me and I’ll use your story as the moment of the day.


Today’s story comes from Sarah, who says:

Funny story:
We are discussing Halloween and All Saints Day this week at our house. While William was in school Monday, I read the stories of St. Andrew and St. Elizabeth to Andrew and Elizabeth (Elizabeth wasn’t really listening…). So when William came home Andrew was telling him all about them while I was cooking dinner. William started speculating about St. William. There is a St. William, but I don’t know his story by heart and I was cooking so I told William I would have to look it up later. Well, William continues speculating. I’ve noticed he talks to himself a lot now, maybe because Mommy talks to herself a lot or maybe because nobody listens… Anyway, I was listening this time. “I wonder if St. William was an astronaut or maybe he was a great scientist…”
Made Mommy smile. Maybe.