Link-ety Snip

Well, we had another hospital visit yesterday, so I’m putting this together  quickly tonight. Sunday Snippets:

A reflection on the meaning of love…

and reflections on parenting…

Interesting links of the week:

1. Perhaps soon, those of us who need glasses won’t have to go to an eye doctor, fight with insurance, or even worry about when The Toddler throws them under scrap paper so Daddy will step on them! Meet “adaptive focus glasses.” Incidentally, this was written by a friend of my sister’s, and it is a finalist in a “science writing for non-scientists” contest. In the upper right is a box with a number. If you click on the box, you are voting for her.

2. Carrien at shelaughsatthedays has a tremendous post about Motherhood’s best Kept Secret. Moms, you have your homework. Read.

3. A friend posted this to Facebook the other day. It seems to be pretty closely related to our discussion on health care, so I hope you’ll take the time to look at it. What to do about it? That’s a much more complicated question.

4. Coming soon to a planet near you: SIX oceans? While you’re at it, check out this series of fifteen pictures taken “from above.”

5. Last but not least…want instruction on curling your hair the old fashioned way? Check out this. I think I’ll try it sometime. 🙂