OK, folks, I need to hear from YOU!

OK, all you NFP users out there…I need your help. I’m writing the cover story for CCL’s Family Foundations’ March-April issue on “Responsible Parenthood,” and I need stories.

  • Are you someone who came to understand responsible parenthood, and that understanding radically shifted your family planning and parenting?
  • How do you know it’s time for another child?  What factors play into the decision?
  • Does the recession affect our idea of what “responsible parenthood” means?
  • Are you someone who decided that “responsible parenthood” means you are callled *not* to have another child? How did you make that decision? How did you feel reaching that conclusion? Do you catch flak from friends who are pro-big-family?

I’m looking for stories from young couples, couples with grown kids, grandparents–the whole spectrum. If you’re comfortable sharing publicly, leave me a comment; if not, email me at ckbasi@yahoo.com.