7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes, as hosted at www.ConversionDiary.com (BTW, I just love this roundup, as it allows me to journal small tidbits, diary-like, rather than the usual essays that I write here!)

1. It’s good to know that not all things change for the worse. When I was a kid, it was a treat to go play at Candy Cane City–a playground in the park, beside the lake, where all the equipment was red-and-white striped. The first time I tried to bring my kids to Candy Cane City, however, almost all the original equipment was gone, replaced by cookie cutter plastics. And then, even that disappeared while they redid the park. But two Saturdays ago, we pulled up to Candy Cane City to fine a three-story slide in red and white. Three cheers for Mobelry Parks & Rec!

2. Monday: How much damage one little girl with ten chubby, chewable fingers can inflict upon a computer in fifteen seconds? A lot! Usually, it’s just gibberish on my well-reasoned, insightful 😉 blog posts, but one day recently she rotated my screen 90 degrees counterclockwise. Can someone tell me why there’s even a way to do this???? Who the (bleepety-bleep) thought that was an option we needed, anyway????

3. It’s amaazing how circumstances can cause enthusiasm for one project to flagg and another to surge. This week I’ve beeen enjoying composing again, afinding a surge in my blood at the idea of liturgical music again. Enjoing the mental challenge of taking musical fragments and putting them together in such a way that they flow with inevitability.  It’s an artistic challenge, and a mental challenge.

4. I absolutely adore the way Nicholas sticks the very tip of his tongue between his lips and curls it upward. And I adore those eyes. I swear, there’s a whole language in those eyes, conjugations, phrase structures and all.

5. I believe I overreached. I got the apple butter and the pupkin butter made, but finding time to can them is turning out to be ridiculously hard.  They won’t last forever sitting in the refrigerator. It’s got to happen this weekend, but man, I don’t want to deal with it. (Note: this was actually written last weekend, so I did get it done…)

7. Wednesday night at choir practice, I could not play the piano to save my life. The poor choir members could barely find their correct pitches. I tend to be pretty frank about my own weaknesses, and this was no exception. One of my choir members insisted that I was fishing for compliments. It was partly joke, partly serious, I think, and I could not convince them that I was not looking for praaise–I mean, there truly was NOTHING in my piano playing to praise! But it makes me wonder if the way I present myself is  needs work.What seems so obvious to me frequently disappears beyond the confines of my own head.