PT: A Love Story

On occasion I have mentioned Gerti, Julianna’s physical therapist. What you may not understand unless you have been involved in a relationship like this is how deeply these people become connected to your family, how much they can coach, support, encourage, and otherwise enrich life for the people they serve. That is Gerti for us.

Gerti joined us when Julianna was not quite 8 weeks old. She was the original therapist, and the only one who has been with us through the whole journey. Gerti brought us Kim, our fabulous OT. Gerti visits us in the hospital. When I was pregnant, she put up with Alex hanging around while she treated Julianna so that I could lie down for a few minutes. When she visited Germany, she brought us chocolate. She taught us how to work with Julianna, yet she always encouraged us to be parents first. She knows Julianna almost as well as we do, rejoicing at her successes, wrapping us up in love during the tough times. And today, as life hurtles toward Transition and preschool and the end of home therapy visits, I want to pay tribute to this beautiful woman who has become such a big part of our lives.

"I'm so cute...if I play cute, maybe she won't make me work!" can be fun...
Love...and trust.
Trunk strengthening
Love...and joy

At the top of my list of things to be thankful for this year…thank you, Gerti, for everything.