Basi’s Got Talent


Christian likes to make fun of parents who think their kids are so much better or smarter than average. Whenever one of our kids does something just totally, ridiculously stupid, he turns to me and says, “Geniuses. I’m tellin’ ya…geniuses.”

So in honor of the overwhelming genius of our children, I present:

Basi’s Got Talent

Exhibit A(lex):

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades...

Meet the child who wears dressy turtleneck and sweater, tractor overalls (short) and Superman sweatpants–just to make sure he doesn’t  miss any of his favorite clothes. The child who wears sunglasses at 5p.m. on December the 14th, to ensure that he isn’t blinded by the glory of the Christmas lights at dusk. The child who ran through the sprinkler with his eyes closed, and ended up going through the shrub roses and smacking into the electrical box. Now that’s talent.

Exhibit B(asi):

Take it away, munchkins!

He plays instruments, writes songs and sings; she sings and dances. Without a doubt, the next #1 musical duo. Where’s my agent???

Exhibt J: Meet Julianna, who does a perfect Cousin It.


Exhibit N(icholas):

Did you lose something, baby?

Now, it takes a special talent to crawl out of your pants!

4 thoughts on “Basi’s Got Talent

  1. fillforsix

    Ha! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who puts up with WordPress’s finicky nature… Does anyone EVER get e-mail notices when there’s a comment on their own website?? I used to, but now I’ll get one every once in a blue moon…

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