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Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival is a group of Catholic bloggers who share on Sundays. It is hosted at

I started off the week by sharing an effort underway in the state of Missouri to mandate insurance coverage for therapies for kids with special needs. Not strictly a Catholic post, but it is related to our faith–first, because the Church asks us to care for the physical needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ; and second, because the lack of coverage for these services is one more burden placed upon families whose kids have special needs, and contribute to the high abortion rate for kids with Down’s. I share this post in the hopes that you can help me get the word out to anyone you know who lives in the state of Missouri.

And a post on sex, abortion, birth control and Anne Rice generated a lot of discussion. Hope you’ll join in!

The links for the week start with the story of a woman whose marriage survived infidelity. Survived…and thrives. See it here.

It’s a Conspiracy, Man… but a good one. Check it out.

In reading through people’s Quick Takes on Friday, I discovered this blog, written by a young mother of a baby with ancephaly–a child born without a brain. And yet she lived three months, and in one video is holding her head up. I don’t understand how such a thing is possible, but the site made me cry.

Merry Christmas to those I only see on Sundays!

One thought on “Linkety Snip

  1. I read the story about Myah and Faith and watched many of the videos. Tears were rolling down my eyes watching this beautiful little baby and her incredible mother. With God…all things are possible.

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