Snowy Days


Well, I finally got my wish: we got enough snow to play in. And as usual, something you whine and gripe about, only to get, presents more facets than you were prepared for. For instance: the snow came on the day that Julianna was supposed to have her “play-based assessment” for Early Childhood Special Ed. The whole school district closed, and we spent two days holed up in our house due to blowing snow and extreme cold.

But on Saturday, we decided that 8 degrees was worth braving–with Alex, at least–and we embarked on three days of fun in the snow. Every day at 1p.m., the little ones go to bed, and we go outside:

(That would be my husband…)

We also discovered that our neighbor’s side yard is approximately as steep as a “blue” ski run. And a whole lot shorter. Ending in a creek. Fun stuff. 😉

Yesterday afternoon, Alex and I hosted some friends from down the street for more sledding, and some snowman-building with the kit his uncle & aunt gave us last Christmas (which, I might add, lay UNUSED for TWELVE MONTHS because we had NO SNOW ALL LAST WINTER…not that I’m bitter):

And finally…On Saturday, Alex and I trekked down to the creek. He didn’t last long (he had snow down his boots), so I got to have a few precious moments to myself for stillness, for drinking in beauty–the graceful swells created by the mounds of meadow grass sleeping beneath the snow…

…the indomitable gurgle of water forcing its way downstream…

…gazing upon that which only the wild animals had yet trod…

…admiring the slow artistry of growing vines…

…and the still sentries that guard the path and the creek…

…and finally, upon returning to the house, this reminder–a moment of wonder–my baby lilac, preparing itself, gathering itself during the coldest days of the year, for the explosion to come in a few short weeks:

Praise the Lord, my soul.


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18 thoughts on “Snowy Days

    • It’s a good one for little kids–long, and not very steep. I mean, it’s steep, but not crazy steep. It is very nice not to have to drive anywhere to go sledding!

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