7 Quick Takes, Vol. 65


1. I begin by sharing this series of pictures.

2. I’m sure everyone’s keeping up with the situation in Haiti, but I share it because I am SO ANGRY at Pat Robertson. And angry that the media outlets actually report what he says. Yes, it’s controversial and controversy = ratings, and ratings = money, and money, after all, is what it’s all about. But it offends me, deeply, to the core of everything in me that is Christian, that this…man…is the face of Christianity. (Be grateful I used the word “man” instead of one of the many un-charitable, un-Christian ones I was thinking! The only reason I didn’t is b/c I’m trying to be a better Christian than he has shown himself to be!)

3. If you haven’t already, donate to the Red Cross. Or to Catholic Charities, which I’m told uses around 90% of donations for charitable purposes. 

4. All right, now that I have that out of my system, I can move on to other things. Like Julianna’s new shoes. I learned when I was working in the shoe department at Sears that shoes are REALLY HARD to get on children’s feet. But nothing I’ve experienced up till now compares to these shoes. When we left for Florida, we were so intimidated by getting her shoes on and off to go through airport security that we stuck them in the backpack and left her stocking-footed. After a month’s practice, we’ve gotten it down to three minutes a shoe. It used to be six.

5. First, the custom insert, made of hard plastic, whose purpose is to keep her feet from turning out. And by turning out, I don’t just mean toes pointing—I mean that at times, she almost walks on the inside of her ankles.

6. Then, the “Hatchback” shoe, which opens up to make it a little easier to fit over the unyielding plastic. Look how big her feet look!

(Please disregard the mess…it’s a figment of your imagination…)

7. And finally, I’ve been wanting to share this picture for a while. Tell me if that isn’t uncanny!

Christian, Christian, and…Christian?

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, Vol. 65

  1. Lisa

    My son wore those! I was so worried other kids would make fun of him or people would stare, but it never happened. Wearing never bothered him either, and they did correct how he walked. Good luck with the AFO’s!

  2. Had to comment on number 7. My MIL routinely sends pics of my husband at the ages our son is (he turns 1 tomorrow!!) and you would think it’s the exact same person. So, I definitely know how you feel seeing your son look so much like his daddy! it’s too sweet!!

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