By way of a quickie…


…I thought at first that I would just add another comment to the end of Snowy Days, but realized that it was quite possible nobody would see it, so I’m saying here: Holy cow! I can’t believe how many people have commented on my winter pics! I think that FIFTEEN individual people commenting on one post has got to be a record on this blog (yes, I’m pathetic). But what really strikes me is that so many people commented specifically on the sledding and snowman. When I went to post these pix, I thought I would be one more in a long boring line of people sharing photos of winter fun. But judging by the photos I saw, that is not the case. This reminds me to be grateful for the years that my children are at home, because 1) next year, Alex will be in school and we will no longer have the freedom to dash outside during nap and take five runs down the hill; and 2) the sledding/snowman building years are all too fleeting. At what age does it become un-cool to play in the snow?

4 thoughts on “By way of a quickie…

  1. They are great pics! And kudos to you for playing outside in 8 degree weather! We got 16 inches before Xmas & even I had to admit it was fun. We got caught without a sled, though. Next time, for sure.

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