Linkety Snip


It’s Sunday Snippets day–the day when a group of Catholic bloggers link together at This That & The Other Thing and share what’s on our minds.

This week, the reality of the crucifixion smacked me upside the head, an experience I reflected on in “The Yuck Factor.” And on Thursday, I shared “The Unexpected Moment” that happened Wednesday night at choir practice.

Links of the week:

A YouTube video sharing the story of what happened when they pointed the Hubble Telescope at blank space.

And this week, Elizabeth Esther had a conversation with Frank Schaeffer, the author of “Crazy for God.” For those of us who believe that God lies in the middle, this looks like a great book.

3 thoughts on “Linkety Snip

  1. Therese Sander

    I recommend reading the book “A Doctor at Calvary.” I was a married woman several years already when I first read it. I still remember dr’iving home from Church one cold, rainy evening in Lent, thinking about what I had read in that book. I had just passed the ‘T’ in the road where you can turn to go out to the blacktop DD when it suddenly hit me what suffering Jesus had endured for me! I was reduced to tears instantly. It was one of those “light bulb” moments of my faith journey.

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