I don’t understand (vol. 4)


I don’t understand…

…why every single spoon made these days is SO HUGE. I would never have guessed that I had to travel with my own spoons or my baby would go on food strike! This has got to be part of the problem with obesity.

…Easy-open soup cans. I thought we were all supposed to be about recycling? And to recycle, you have to wash the cans. How can you wash those blasted things? They’re a big round razor waiting to slice your palm!

…Paris Hilton. Why is she such a big deal? As best I can tell, she doesn’t do anything.

…Muzack. In attempting to program music that offends nobody, they instead offend EVERYBODY.

…Colored Icing? I mean, REALLY, people! How lazy can you get! Now we’re so lazy we can’t even color our own ICING????? Puh-LEEEZE!

…why everything related with starting school has to be so darned complicated! How many times, on how many different forms, do you need me to list emergency contacts?????

Signed, Kate
(taking a deep breath and logging out before she blurts out any more gripiness today.)

One thought on “I don’t understand (vol. 4)

  1. The paperwork and redundancy is not limited to the first year in school nor to years in different schools… ime, the paperwork must be done in full each and every year of school

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