Kate’s Rules of Blogging for New Writers


1. It’s OK to spend the time blogging, even if you aren’t sure how many people are reading. Blogging replaces my personal journal. It teaches focus, titling, brevity and hooks. How can you argue with something that helps you record your life and thoughts at the same time that you practice writing?

2. But beware wasting time.

3. Be concise. With so many blogs out there, you have a lot of competition. Besides, you owe it to your readership not to waste their time wandering. Get to the point and get done.

4. Make it meaningful. I’m always astonished by how much fluff is out there—and by how many hits it gets—but for me, substance is key.

5. Make it count. Carnivals/memes are great for networking and exposure, but don’t waste your time and your readers’ by simply joining them without something substantive to offer your faithful readers. Find a way to make those entries serve two purposes. For example, this week I wrote my Tuesday post to combine a photo carnival and two “wordful” ones. I came up with this rule when I realized I was joining four or five carnivals a week, and I was writing to the carnivals instead of saying what was given to me to say.

That said, this post probably does not serve most of my faithful readers, for which I apologize. I promise something more substantive tomorrow. After all, yesterday was Julianna’s first day of school. What more poignant motherhood moment is there than that?