Linkety Snip


It’s Sunday Snippets day–when Catholic bloggers share our week’s reflections over at RAnn This & That. It’s been a crazy week, so I have only one post to share (and some links): This week, watching Julianna giggle at her reflection in the mirror made me realize how far I have to go in learning to love like Christ.

I also have a few links to share:

 I was on TV Thursday night, talking about the Children’s Therapy Act! Check it out!

I’ve been both fascinated and repulsed by Pink’s performance at the Grammys. On the one hand, the song is breathtaking. The aerial was breathtaking. A moment of sheer, heart-piercing beauty, an example of what our gifts were given to us to do. But…that lack of…um…clothes! Even an all-white something that covered her would have been beautiful.

Read this hilarious post from Abigail at Diary of a New Mom. Who doesn’t relate to this?

And, short but very funny, a fellow mom has come up with some much-needed buttons (a la “easy” button).

One thought on “Linkety Snip

  1. Congrats on the screen time-making the news. Atta girl! Loved seeing you in action–what a mom!!

    I agree on Pink…had to be a distraction (at the very least) for many people (esp. men)…

    Congrats on two in school, times keep a-changing. Oh, and loved the birthday pics. Julianna obviously had a great day!

    Thanks for keeping God in the midst of it all. Your faith inspires 🙂

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