7 Quick Takes, vol. 69


1. Very sweet comments on my Ash Wednesday post…if only I lived up to my own vision of Lent on its first day! Ash Wednesday was a day full of whining kids, a headache, and eventually, a volcanic eruption. From me, not from the kids. I don’t think I’ve had such a bad day in a very long time.

2. Michelle at Graceful shared a video that sent me rocketing around YouTube earlier this week, and I just have to share. First, to give you some perspective, here’s the snowplow train.

3. And now, see what happens when it gets stuck.

4. Julianna actually needs clothes this year! I actually get to go SHOPPING! I’m so excited! Oh yes, and–NICHOLAS HAS CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH! (Finally, considering he’s ELEVEN MONTHS OLD today. Wow, where did the time go?)

For the rest of my Quick Takes, I’d like to reflect on how nice a visit to the hospital can be…

5. …when you get to arrive and leave again half an hour later, taking everyone with you.

6. …when you realize you’ve been away from the hospital long enough for them to do a significant remodel since the last visit.

7. …when your daughter smiles and cheers all the way through her X-rays.

Have a lovely weekend!

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