7 quick takes

1. This week I saw two more “make me happy” figure skating programs. It’s been coming on for a while, but wow, how I have learned to love the ice dancing! Here is the brother-sister team Kerr and Kerr (Scottish, I believe) doing an adorable short program to Johnny Cash–at first, it seems a little cheesy, but they won me over, and now I’m a fan for life. Although neither of these are American teams, I also want to encourage you to go visit Team USA’s website and get on their email list. As I said last week, we owe these athletes more appreciation and attention than they usually get!

2. I showed theirs first because once you see Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s gold medal performance, anything else seems trivial by comparison.

3. On Tuesday, I went to Jeff City for a meeting on HB1810. As I left town, headed for home, I ran into traffic. Bad traffic. Lane-closure traffic. I gnashed my teeth as I crawled up the hills out of the Missouri river bottoms at ten miles per hour in a line stretching out of sight. What numbskull, I thought, decided to to roadwork at 4:30 p.m.? Then I saw it: part of the rock wall had collapsed all over the highway.

4. Where I live, the geography is defined by two interconnected features: karst topography and limestone. Limestone is very soft, and gets dissolved by water. Whenever we drive through one of those cuts and see the icicles hanging from the rock face from holes you can’t even see–the regular vertical trails where crews drilled to sink dynamite during construction–I have to marvel. And I always wonder what would happen if some of that rock fell. Now I know.

5. This week, a post by Michelle at Graceful made me stop to think. She was talking about spoken evangelization vs. lived faith, and in my response, finally, I was able to succinctly express something I haven’t managed to post properly. So I share it here:

I believe that the actions are far more important, and far, far, FAR more effective, than the words anyway. I’m with you–it’s way easier to *write* about faith matters than it is to *talk* about them. But for that same reason, it’s easy for written words to become half-lie. Speaking truth, but doing so in a way that implies (or states) more self-perfection than we have any business claiming. I’m not accusing you of this–I’m accusing myself, based on what spoke to me as I read your post today. And this is why I tend to be so practical, even when talking about faith. Fact-based. Reason-based. Because I do think that God is a God of reason. The God who made the universe follow certain rules, which we study and turn into scientific laws, made the world the way it is for a reason. And the people who have the greatest impact on me are people who don’t spout chapter and verse–they don’t need to. Godliness simply exists in them, and they don’t even have to mention God for me to know. Those are the people I want to “grow up to be like.”

6. On a lighter note: I’m so glad I have Aksimet to filter out the spam. There are four basic types of spam: the Cyrillic, the gibberish embedded with occasional popout words, the blatant advertisements, and the attempts to pretend that they are not spam. Only computers are wretched at figuring out what links to attach things to. For instance, this nugget that came from someone/thing with the unlikely name “Minh Ping,” which dug its teeth into my page on Down syndrome:

“Good blog. I got a lot of effective information. I’ve been watching this technology for awhile. It’s interesting how it keeps varying, yet some of the core components stay the same. Have you seen much change since Google made their latest acquisition in the area?”

???? Say wha…?

7. And finally… Alex’s gem of the week: “Nicholas, you are SOOOO CUTE! You are cuter than a TREE!!!!”

Have a great weekend. I’m holding out for “warmth” next week. C’mon everybody, let’s put our good thoughts together!

(7 quick takes is hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary.)