Unwrapping the Gift of a Day Off

Michelle at Graceful is my guru this Lent.

First, she gently prodded me to reconsider my use of the internet.

Then, she echoed how I felt in doing so.

And then encouraged me in the struggle.

She inspired me to be careful of the way I present my faith, reminding me that living it is more important than talking about it. I realized that it’s easy to write about God, but sometimes the blank screen encourages me to write things that sound good but are only half-true.

And then came Sunday.

Normally I don’t write on the weekends. Maybe a blog post, maybe ten minutes to scribble down an idea, but those are days off. Days to spend with my family.

However, right now I’m having to check my temperature every morning, and my brain starts racing the minute I wake up; there’s no going back to sleep. So at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, I went downstairs and turned on the computer, as if it was any other day. I began by checking my Google reader. The first words that I saw were: “Sunday is For Slowing:”

“By making our greatest and most important goal the one of
productivity, we miss out on the ways that God’s gifts of grace
come to us by doing nothing.”

Nora Gallaher, The Sacred Meal 

I gnashed my teeth. My hands trembled over the keyboard. My brain went to war with itself over the possible two hours of uninterrupted writing time I was being asked to forego.

And then, wincing, I shut the computer down, and sat down with my scrapbooking stuff.

The gift of a Sunday off looked something like this: I only checked email twice. I stayed off Facebook. I left the writing documents closed. I cooked dinner at a leisurely pace, and had it all on the table before we sat down. I finished four scrapbook layouts—yes, I said four—and I went to bed relaxed, instead of queasy with exhaustion.

It was a good day. Thank you, God, for simple gifts–and for the people who inspire them.

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