For better or for worse (or not)


There’s a new series starting on NBC this week. It’s called “The Marriage Ref,” and it one-ups the rest of so-called “reality” TV by giving celebrities a chance to critique couples in real-life marital distress. One of the series promo spots boasts, “We’re gonna give couples the one thing they’ve always wanted: a winner!”
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 Today I’m guest posting over at We Believe Blogs. And I’m kind of on a tirade. Head on over if you want to see what happens when I get up on my soapbox! 😉

One thought on “For better or for worse (or not)

  1. Anna Wanamaker

    When I saw the ad for this show, I was disgusted,also. Why do people want to participate in such rubbish [$] and why would anyone want to watch the show? Most shows on Tv today are awful. And yes, I’m over 65 !!!! lol

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